Mobil 2021


Enjoying good food made on open fire!

The food tastes somehow much better when it's cooked out in the open on an open fire and enjoyed with nature & with nice company...

Today's meal consists of a 3-course menu, composed with ingredients based on the season and we cook it together over an open fire with nature as a neighbor.

We gather at Halmstad railwaynstation and from there we will be driven out into the wild, where today's hike begins.
The terrain we will walk in is mixed & consists mostly of smaller roads & paths.

After about 2 hours trekking through beautiful and tranquil nature of Halland, we will arrive to the windbreak, where we will prepare and enjoy lunch.
When the food is eaten & we have cleared the dishes, we will walk on and take the opportunity to have a "fika" along the way...

About 2 hours later, we will be back where we started.

Pickup: Halmstad railwaystation 
Time:  kl. 9.00 ~ 15.00
Price:   950 SEK/adult, 500 SEK/child
Maximum participants: 7 persons/group


- Trekking
- 3-course lunch made upon open fire
- Delightful nature
- Fika (Swedish coffee/tea-break with some sort of cake or biscuit)

- Food and beverage
- Equipment for cooking
- Personal guide

NOT included: 
- Personal travel insurance 
Suggested equipment:
- Clothes for outdoor (and waterresistant ?)
- Shoes or boots -we will walk in mixed terrain
- Waterbottle
- Rucksack (small)


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