Mobil 2021

Welcome to Recreation

Guided outdoor experiences, Designed -recycled furniture & Homemade coffee bread

We offer guided hikes and wildlife experiences for experienced hikers as well as beginners.
Personally designed furniture & homemade coffee bread are other things we can offer you.

Experience the beautiful & varied nature of Halland by foot. Whether you are an experienced hiker who wants to live in wind protection, cook over an open fire and hike for several days, or if you prefer a suitable adventure for a day in the nature, we have hikingtrips and adventures for you.

Surely you have felt that the old piece of furniture does'nt fit where it's placed today...
We can make it fit - let us personalize it! -Based on your thoughts, we give it a new and longer life...

Do you seek or crave for a real Swedish "fika" and need some buns, cookies and/or pastries for your tea or coffee?

Don't worry, we can help you!

Tranquility, Harmony & Reflection

Enjoy the Swedish wildlife and disconnect yourself from everyday life for a few hours or even days...
Allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the unpretentious and tranquil existence of nature
with hiking, wildlife and tasty food - cooked outdoors.

If you'd rather re-use a piece of furniture or need some pastries
-contact Viktoria and she will help you!

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Tranquility & Harmony