Mobil 2021

Custom-made hike

For you who want something specific!

Challenge according to your wishes...

Do you feel that you want something out of the ordinary or something that is not included in the other hikes?

Is it you and your friends, team-building, Kick Off or what?
Can it be more days? Some special place or a personal chef?

We will fulfill your wishes as far as possible...

Contact us and we will bespoke your future experience together!

Location: according to your wishes

Collection & Finish: as desired

Price: quote according to your wishes

- Hiking
- Wilderness
- Cooking on open fire
- ?

- All food & drink
- Wind protection or other accommodation alternative
- Personal guide

Not included:
- Hiking/camping equipment (optional)
- Personal travel insurance

Equipment list:
- As needed, obtained later.

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phone +46(0)35-299 05 06
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